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Diagnostics, Service and Repair at your Convenience

Here is a list of some unique mobile services that are currently available. We can provide these services and more at your home, office or location of your choice.

  • Mobile Diagnostic Service Starting at $90
  • Pre Buyers/Used car  Inspections $90
  • Module replacement and Programming Starting At $199
  • Mobile Battery Replacement Service Starting at $249
  • Mobile Parking brake rebuilds E65 only $399
  • Mobile Convertible Top Diagnostics Starting at $199
  • Mobile Air Conditioning service Starting at $149
  • Mobile Window repairs- all models call or contact for pricing
  • Mobile Door Handle/ lock repairs- all models call or contact for pricing
  • Mobile Drive belts and Tensioners call or contact for pricing 
  • Plus Many More, Contact to see what is available

If you don’t see what you’re looking for call or schedule a repair below to see what is available on your BMW model.

Benefits of choosing On-Site BMW Service

  • Don’t have your car towed to get a diagnosis.
  • Don’t rent a car – we come to you.
  • You don’t have to bother your  friends or family to get your car to the shop.
  • Pricing is similar to what shops charge, but they wont come to you. We do.
  • OEM BMW diagnostic equipment ISTA D/P.

Say you’re car wont start. Normally you would have to get it towed to a shop, wait for the diagnosis, and pay for the towing if you don’t have roadside assistance. Why not get the diagnosis where it’s broken before you take it to a shop? Better yet, what if we could  fix it where it’s broke down saving you money? Wouldn’t that be more convenient than all the hassle of the normal repair procedure your used to? Now don’t you think its time to try On-Site B.M.W. Service? Call or Schedule a repair below to see if we can help you today!



Do you see this Image on you dash? Brake pad and sensor replacement at least, possibly rotors. The only way to tell is to have a inspection performed. When we look at your car we visually inspect the brake system and if safe to drive we will test drive car if needed.

We Bring parts to complete the job On- Site. It is way more convenient way to have them replaced where your going or when you get back from what your doing. Using On-Site B.M.W. Service is one less stop you have to make on your way to getting new brakes on your BMW.

BMW Brakes have a sensor which will trigger this light on the dash when it makes contact with the brake rotor (disk). This usually occurs when you only have 3mm of pad material left before it collides with the metal rotor, which means, No Brakes.

This system isn’t perfect so if you suspect you need brakes or the light is on give us a call. We can quickly identify if you need attention with your front or rear brake system. As well as reset the service lights to complete the job properly. Without having to take your car to a shop.

Benefits of choosing On-Site BMW Service

  • Don’t have your car towed to get a diagnosis
  • Don’t rent a car we come to you.
  • You don’t have to bother your  friends or family to get your car to the shop.
  • Pricing is often less than a shop charges for repairs.
  • OEM BMW diagnostic equipment ISTA D/P.

Already have a estimate or are you in need of future repairs recommended by a shop?

No problem, just schedule a repair and we will give you a quote for the same repair, please provide as much info as possible so we can be accurate, and it will probably be less than what they quoted and we come to you! Can you beat that?


We offer a full range of garage services to vehicle owners located in Phoenix area.
Our professionals know how to handle a wide range of car services.

What Makes Us Different

“Ryan arrived on time, figured out what was wrong and gave me an estimate in about 45 minutes. He was able to fix the problem right then and there! The best part is I didn’t have to take take any time off work or bother anyone to give me rides to and from a shop. Onsite BMW Service is awesome. I will definitely call them next time I have a problem”.

Stephanie P. Gilbert

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  • Belts and Hoses
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