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BMW Routine Maintenance



BMW Routine Maintenance



Whether your BMW  is still under warranty or is over the 100k mile mark, routine maintenance and inspections will keep your BMW on the road for years. An oil change every 15,000 miles is included in the BMW factory warranty. Once the warranty period is over, let On-Site perform your routine maintenance.

Your BMW has Service Interval indicators that light up on the instrument cluster to let you know when routine maintenance should be performed. If you are unsure about the maintenance needs of your vehicle On-Site can help you plan a service schedule to ensure it is properly maintained.

ROUTINE MAINTENANCE for Model Year Vehicles typically before 2002

Oil Service and Safety Inspection:
We recommend performing this service every 7,500 miles or at 1 year from the last date of service. We strongly recommend this service to protect vital internal engine components from premature failure.

This maintenance service will include a full oil change and a full safety check of the vehicle. The technician will check for fluid leaks, the tire pressure, and levels of fluids. The dashboard is checked for warning lights.

Inspection 1: This maintenance service will include the same service items as the Oil Service and Safety Inspections as well as cabin filter change and a full diagnostic scan. This should be performed every 30,000 miles.

Inspection 2: This maintenance service will include the same service items as Inspection 1, as well as changing the spark plugs, air filters, fuel filter and valve adjustment (depending on the vehicle model). This should be performed every 60,000 miles.

ROUTINE MAINTENANCE for Model Year Vehicles after 2002

Condition Based Service (CBS): Routine maintenance on your model year 2002 or newer  is determined by a variety of factors including mileage, temperature, driving conditions, ambient conditions and time . We recommend performing these services as the vehicle indicates they are needed or annually, even if the vehicle doesn’t indicate service is needed.

Routine maintenance on your BMW is an important part of keeping your BMW on the road. Most technicians recommend that you have routine maintenance earlier than scheduled, as it helps ensure the safety and longevity of the vehicle. However, you can make the decision when to have your BMW serviced based on your driving style, schedule, and budget.

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