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BMW Routine Maintenance


You’re a driving enthusiast.

It’s why you got your BMW.  It’s the closest thing to automotive perfection there is; the embodiment of harmonious mesh between man and machine.

So you know immediately when something’s ‘not right’ with your BMW.

It’s time to give Scottsdale BMW Service a call.

Sometimes it’s just a little tweak here or there; maybe a warning light shows up on your dash, or perhaps it’s just a ‘feel thing’.  All of our highly-trained technicians at Scottsdale BMW Service receive special training in the art of Listening.

If something just doesn’t ‘sound right’ or ‘sounds a little off’, that description is more than enough to get our team at Scottsdale BMW Service into action to diagnose whatever it is that may be just a little off.

BMW machines offer some of the best diagnostic notification systems on the market, so if something goes awry, your BMW will let you quickly and accurately.  But when that warning message comes on—even if it’s for something like low tire pressure; it’s very disconcerting.

We at Scottsdale BMW Service will set your mind at ease quickly and efficiently.

We can come to you, loaded with the tools and instrumentation needed to further diagnose your vehicle; including factory-level programming capabilities.  Scottsdale BMW Service Certified BMW technicians will also review aspects of your BMW’s engine that are not covered by a computer system.

The Scottsdale BMW Service mobile diagnostic and inspection team can have your Arizona state inspection done for you from start to finish, typically in under 45 minutes, and we’ll get it done at your convenience.

That means no appointments to set and keep; no wasting a chunk of your busy and valuable day to tend to routine maintenance and state inspections.  Leave your BMW in your driveway or parking lot; your Scottsdale BMW Service team will make it happen, and be in touch with you every step of the way.

If your BMW needs to be brought into the Scottsdale BMW Service Center, we can handle that for you as well, and get you a rental replacement vehicle.  Right to your door.

Not that we don’t want to see you, of course.  You can still feel free to bring your BMW in to our Scottsdale BMW Service Center, where you’re more than welcome to hang out while our teams get to work on your BMW.

Service is a crucial element in an automotive dealer’s relationship with customers; we recognize that and fully understand that we have to go far beyond the levels of service you may have experienced in the past.

So we do.

Because you didn’t just get a car to get you from point A to point B.

You got a BMW.  And along with that, you’ve got the best service team in the Valley of the Sun with   Scottsdale BMW Service.

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Our mobile BMW car inspection team can perform your inspection in 30-45 minutes, unlike other auto inspection stations that make you wait for hours. We will conveniently come to you if the vehicle you are considering purchasing is located in the greater Phoenix area.  We only only specialize in BMW vehicles. Call us today!

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“Ryan arrived on time, figured out what was wrong and gave me an estimate in about 45 minutes. He was able to fix the problem right then and there! The best part is I didn’t have to take take any time off work or bother anyone to give me rides to and from a shop. Onsite BMW Service is awesome. I will definitely call them next time I have a problem”.

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